Aerial Photography

Aerial photography of construction projects is now included in ZoZo Group's Public Information Services. With the use of our licensed and approved unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) we provide a top-down view of the progress of publicly funded highway construction projects in Colorado. With the addition of aerial photography to our award-winning public information services we can help you demonstrate the effective use of taxpayer money and provide more robust public information to the stakeholders of Colorado. Short, 60-second videos or high-resolution photos are available.

Advantages of our Aerial Photograph

Licensed and
trained Pilots
as operators


Pemission from FAA
to fly UAVs over highway construction sites

DBE-professional services
photo & video editing

Benefits of ZoZo's Aerial Photography Services

Still photos taken by ZoZo's UAVs

70 feet above City Park
Denver August 2015

Call ZoZo Group to set up monthly aerial progress photos on your project.