At ZoZo Group, we bring insight to the table.

ZoZo Group is an award-winning, Colorado-based boutique marketing agency specializing in community engagement and providing professional services for publicly funded construction projects. We're a certified minority- and woman-owned agency, taking pride in diverse perspectives and strong communication skills.

Our team of professionals collectively has decades of experience in community involvement, public relations, media buying, and marketing outreach. In addition to our work in the public transit and construction industries, we also have marketing communications experience in the private sector as small business marketing consultants and community event organizers. We are ready to deliver effective results for your project.

ZoZo Group: Your Award-Winning Public Outreach Partner

Our services include Public Information Management, Public Outreach Services, and Climate-Friendly Outreach including Electric Vehicle (EV) Program Support.

• Public Outreach Services: We help you connect with your community and stakeholders on a variety of transportation and construction projects.

• Climate-Friendly Outreach including building electrification and Electric Vehicle (EV) Program Support: ZoZo Group is committed to helping communities transition to a more sustainable future. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to support your clean energy program goals, including:

o EV Outreach and Education: Organize in-person and virtual events to advance knowledge and awareness of EVs, charging stations, and Colorado's efforts to increase EV ownership.

o Subject Matter Expertise: Recruit industry experts to speak at EV webinars and provide technical guidance.

o Grant Writing and Project Management: Assist communities, businesses, agencies, and organizations with grant applications, project management, marketing, and outreach services for installing EV charging stations.

Transit and Construction Services

In previous years, we provided professional services for 30% of all Colorado Department of Transportation owned construction projects, and we're excited to bring our award-winning work to your project in 2024

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